About The Author

Hello everyone.

My name is Heather. I am the creator and writer of Project:Momhood. I am a mother to one, amazing daughter.


I grew up in a corn-field surrounded town in the central part of Illinois. I grew up and lived in the same town my whole life. This town is home, my family is here, and I am making my family here. 

When I was younger, I played basketball and softball, but had a huge passion for anything DIY. I loved to scrapbook, take pictures, and make anything I possibly could. With that, writing short stories became a hobby of mine. 

So in my busy life, doing hobbies and DIY projects became slim to none. I was scrolling through Pinterest when something clicked. Why couldn’t I be a #momboss and have a side gig here at home… blogging! Having a full-time job, it made me nervous about jump starting my blog.

I started blogging, bought my domain, and went for it. Working full-time and having a blog can be challenging, but fun! I hope you all enjoy my posts, and hope to connect with you! 

Project:Momhood is a blog about motherhood and all that follows. In no such manner is Project:Momhood seeking to provide information about the child within the family. Project:Momhood is in compliance of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.