How To Make Natural Bird Feeders

Untitled design (19).png

Spring time has began, and you know what that means: birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the sun is warming up the earth. With spring time here, I wanted to do a craft with the kids that can be fun, easy, and put to use outdoors. I was looking online for a few ideas. I seen things from kites, wind catchers, and bottle rockets. But nothing was for a use! I then came across an idea to make a bird feeder that all of the materials can be used by the birds!

This craft is fun, and easy for all ages. We have children from age two to eleven, and they all seemed to love it!

The materials you will need are:

  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Peanut Butter
  • Butter Knife
  • Bird Seed
  • String
  • Plate

To start, we sat the kids down around the table and put a plate a butter knife, and the toilet paper roll in front of them. We then passed around the peanut butter, and the kids scrapped a good portion of peanut butter out onto their plates.

The kids began to “paint” the roll with peanut butter until it was coated well. Once done, the kids then licked the extra peanut butter off of the plates, kids will be kids, right?

Once the kids were done with that, we split the bird seed between the kids. The kids then rolled the toilet paper roll into the seed, covering all of the peanut butter. Any bird seed will work for this, however, we used wild bird seed that included different seeds.

After the rolls are covered, the kids sat them on the counter. At this time, we all clean up, and snack on some more peanut butter.

Before the peanut butter dries out, I recommend punching holes on each side of the roll to loop string through. After punching the holes, put the rolls into the freezer for a while until frozen.

You may now remove the rolls from the freezer, and intertwine string into the holes you created.

Have the kids go outside with you and hang the feeders on different branches of a tree.

And there you have it, a natural bird feeder.

You may be asking: why toilet paper rolls? Well, the birds can eat the seed and peanut butter. Once the roll is exposed, the birds then can use the rolls, in pieces, for their nests. This can also include the strong. This prevents the birds from using plastics and harmful objects for their nests.

Having the feeder out for two days now, the birds have been going crazy over them! I suggest putting them in a location your child can see easily, so they can enjoy watching the birds eat!

I hope you have fun creating this with your child. Be sure to tag my in your creations, so I can see what you all came up with!




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