Why You Should Try FabFitFun

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Let’s get real: as a mother, finding the time to treat ourselves is damn near impossible. Between the children, the spouse,and a full-time job; there is not much time left in the day to treat ourselves. We pray to God we get to have a ten minute shower, a coffee from the local coffee shop before work, or simply being able to binge watch a few episodes on Netflix. Prior to my daughter, I spent money on myself without hesitation. If I liked a top, I bought it. If i wanted to go out to dinner two days in a row, I did it. It is crazy to think that one small human can change your perspective.

Now that I have my daughter, I never buy myself anything. If the slightest thought comes into play, I really think upon if I need what I want. In most instances, I feel extremely guilty if I buy myself something. Now granted, my daughter’s needs are met and she is well provided for so I should not have the guilt, but it is still there. I always question if I am a bad mom for buying for myself, while I do not get my daughter a new toy.

Girl please, I had to come to a quick realization that it is okay to buy something for yourself once in awhile. Okay great, I bought the things I wanted. Now what? I have what I want. I have always seen Instagram posts of FabFitFun subscription boxes. To be honest, I was reluctant at first due to the “too good to be true” behind it. You get nearly two hundred dollars worth of product for fifty dollars each quarter? Too good to be true, right? I just.. did it! I subscribed, my box came, and here is what I think about the box:

The box is amazing. I know, it is my first box so I do not have a year’s worth of boxes; however, it was a great box. The box included a fifty dollar voucher for Hello Fresh, Dr. Brandt under-eye cream, QUAY Australia sunglasses, OUAI leave-in conditioner, Lavido body cream, TULA face cleanser, a canvas and black faux-leather back pack, SIP by Swell water canister, and Champagne charcoal scrub.

Not ever having a subscription box before, I was not sure what to expect. Overall, I love all of the products. Out of the bunch, my favorite products are the Lavido body lotion and the QUAY Australia sunglasses. The sunglasses are sturdy, thick, and cat eye. Perfect for me! They even come with a flexible case to protect them.

So why should you subscribe to FabFitFun?

Well short answer: because you deserve it, momma.

Long answer: it is okay to take time and money for yourself. It is okay to splurge on something. I always say, in order to have a strong and healthy family, momma has to be strong and healthy. In order to be the best you, you need to dedicate some time for yourself. Alot of the products you get in the subscription box from FabFitFun is versatile for so many “mommy time”. You really get to go outside of the box and try new products that you may never have tried before.

Let me tell you a few, fun facts about FabFitFun. The subscription box comes each season, so four boxes a year. In each box, there is over two hundred dollars worth of products ranging from beauty, health, fashion, fitness, and skincare. The box costs $49.99 plus shipping each quarter! They ship to residents within the United States and Candada. The box sends out a mini magazine in each box full of details on each item and information on the makers and designers. The magazine also includes a few short reads such as your horoscope, checklists, and fun little stories. Each box is customizable in a certain way. Before the release of the box, you have to option to select which items you would like to receive. This can vary from a oil diffuser to a candle, a tote bag to a picnic set, or a necklace to a drinking canister. The possibilities are endless!

So momma, get something for you! I truly do recommend the FabFitFub box because it has so many options for your lifestyle. Just do you, momma. You need something for you! For a special gift to you, I have a link down below that gives you a great discount on your first box!


Give it a whirl and enjoy the FabFitFun subscription box as much as I did! Remember, you deserve it, momma.


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