How To Make Edible Starburst Slime

Okay, here is the deal. Youtube sucks. Let me tell you why. It tends to lure little children into thinking every thing can be turned into a slime! Am I right? I have seen my daughter watch slime videos of making candy, jewels, and even unordinary objects into a slimy substance.
In our family, we have toddlers, and pre-teens. This means they probably in their lifetime have watched Youtube. Okay, I know it is true, they have. Probably on a daily basis. With that, their minds run on so many ideas on what can become a slime!
A few months back, my step-daughter (eight) came up to me and asked to make edible Starburst slime. My initial thought was, “how gross. You play with slime and then eat that content!”. But to her, it was the coolest idea. I told her that I would keep it in mind. Well here we are, and she asked HOW to make the slime. I explained the steps and what ingredients she needed. She said she wanted to take it home for her to do it with her mom. No big deal.

Knowing she already asked her mom, and she was unable to make it at the time; I was thinking, “you know what, I know it can get messy, but it will make her day!”. I surprised her by bringing all of the materials, and we made…. Cleanly made… edible Starburst slime.

And here you go, folks. How to make edible Starburst slime:
The things you will need are:

  • 1 bag of Starburst
  • ¼ cup of Powdered Sugar
  • ¼ cup of Cornstarch
  • Mixing bowls for each color
  • Spoon for each color

First, have the children unwrap each Starburst, and separate into different bowls. The colors we used were yellow, red, orange, and pink. Once the colors are separated, microwave each color in 30 second increments (mixing between each increment). For our microwave, it took about 45 seconds for each color. The Starbursts will be bubbly on the top, however, tacky underneath. You need to use caution as the tacky, melted Starburst is liquid lava!

Let each color sit for about a minute or so, to cool (this thickens the melted goodness). During this time, take the powdered sugar and cornstarch, and mix into a bowl. Take parchment paper and lay a section down for each child.

Now once the liquid gold has solidified a bit and cooled down, take a portion of each color (section enough out for each child to have one of each color) and place it into the dry mix. Roll the blob, if you will, until it is evenly coated. Place each blob color onto the parchment paper.
Once ready, have the children mix, stretch, and play with the slime. In the mean time, snap some photos, and steal a little piece of the slime for yourself. Remember, we all have a kid side to us!
With the slime mixture, I would like to mention a few things:

  • Do not let the children eat too much of it, it will cause the poops!
  • After they are done, put the extra in a ziplock bag. If not, it gets messy.
  • When they are ready to play with it again, you will have to microwave the slime for about 10-20 seconds because the melted sugar created a hard candy, and slime is not fun when it does not stretch!

I have learned a bit from this project. It is okay to get messy, as long as it is rewarding. And hey, the smile on the kids’ faces is PERFECT. It is also okay to make your child look the other way, while you snag a piece. Have fun, and I hope you all enjoy.
What is your favorite kind of edible slime? I would love to hear what concoctions you and your children have come up with!


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