Coping With Working Mom Guilt


Confession time: I sometimes look and cringe with guilt when I see other mothers get to be home a majority of the day with their children, or work only part time. These mothers are able to drop their children off without a bit of guilt, plan trips without their children without guilt, and get to be a superhero to their children because they get to be with them more than us full time, hard working mommas. Sure it may a bit of jealousy, but there is alot of guilt in there. Guilt because we work our butts off, all day and hope to God that our children understand why we do it!

So why do we feel guilt? Why do we think we are failing our children because we do not get to dedicate every moment with them, although we are providing EVERYTHING we can for them? It is a bit of a bizarre concept, don’t you think? We feel like we need to constantly be at our child’s call, however we are so wore out and need time for ourselves. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Do Not Doubt A Mother

I have my daughter every day. I do not get a weekend-get-away, a night to myself, and time to do just me. I go to work in the early morning, and come home around the time of dinner. I occasionally have to work Saturdays. Great! This is a great opportunity to provide for my daughter solely, so that she is well off. But the guilt I have when I leave her for the day, the guilt I have for when she asks to play and I have to leave for work, and the guilt I have for when I think there is not enough time in the world to see how her day went… that is tough. It is tough knowing we are providing it all for them, but cannot be with them all of the time, like we would love to, well, in my case.

I see so many girls that have worked all week, and then leave their child to party for the weekend, or to completely shut their children out so they can do ALL of the things they want to do. Sure, having free time is great for your soul, but your child needs that one-on-one with you. I would rather be at home with my child instead of out partying. But then I feel terrible that I barely get my free time. Ugh, it is an endless battle being a mother. There are so many emotions, in so little time.

I want us mommas to remember what I am about to say.

You are doing this for your children.

Your children have a great role model, and that is you momma. Being a working mother shows your children that they are being provided for and that they need to have a great work ethic for their future. In some cases, you may just be working because staying at home was not for you. What ever the case may be, it is okay to work. Your child will thank you for it one day.

You deserve time to yourself.

People often state, “well work is your time away from your child.” It may be, however, it is not time to YOURSELF. It is work. Dedicating 10-20 extra minutes after your work day to run errands alone, an hour a weekend, nap time, or your lunch break: dedicate the time to yourself. Having a busy work schedule should not limit you to your personal time.

Your child still loves you.

Although you may work full time, some holidays, and during a few school events; just know your child still loves you. They will always love you. They will also look up to you, knowing that you busted your butt off to provide for them.

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Guilt runs strong in motherhood, but do not let it get to you. All mommas experience guilt in some part of their journey of motherhood. It is up to you to overcome the guilt, and know why you are a hard working, mom boss.

You are doing great, momma.


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