It Is Okay To Be The Tortoise, Not The Hare

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We live in a world that fast results are the answer. Whether it be fast weight loss, fast fame, or fast delivery. We expect things to be completed on our time, and done fast. People think if they take a powder shot or a magic pill, the weight will drop off within a week. People think that if they expose explicit content of themselves; it will create fame fast. People also think that if they rush a relationship, whether it be with a significant other or family, the relationship will grow fast.

We want fast results for fast fulfillment. We want that fast delivery, so that we can eat all of the pizza by ourselves without our spouse or kids seeing. We want fast weight loss, so that our spouse will love our body more. We want a fast marriage, so that we are locked in. But do we truly sit down and realize what fast results… result in?

We do not look at the consequences of our fast cravings. We do not see the bigger picture. In a large world, it is sad to see such a growing rate (fast paced rate) of people EXPECTING things to be done… fast. It is almost a competition in a sense. Why though? We all have an ending goal; and that goal is to self-succeed.

Sure you may come across some self-centered a-hole here and there that think they are the highest on the pedestal all because they get fast results, but do people see what struggles they will soon face? No.

Let us take a look into this.

Say for instance Mary is a locally-known girl who started a home based craft business. She created all of her social media, ordered advertising, and got her business name out there. Her business was booming within a month. She had orders coming out of her ears and her following became large on social media. About two months in, people started to unfollow her, her orders plummeted, and her name faded within her community. Her business came to an end within six months of running.

Alice is also a locally-known girl who started a home based craft business. She took her time into developing her business logo, name, and reputation. It took her three years to get where she is at. Her customers are constantly growing, and some are returning. Her business is still growing strong after six years in the making.

So what is the difference of Mary and Alice?

Mary rushed her business. She wanted fast fame and fast results. With that, the results ended in her business shutting down. People became bored of her content and her business became obsolete to Alice’s.

Alice took her time into knowing what her customers wanted. She invested her time and money into developing a strong, structured business. With that, her content was customer friendly, and ever growing to the trends and content people wanted.

So why this story?

It is okay to be slower at becoming the person you are wanting to become. It is okay to be behind everyone else, because in the end we are all in this for the same results and goals. Sure you will run across those “hares” while they speed past you, but they tend to tumble at the finish line.

When growing as a person, be true to yourself. Take the time in developing and growing as a person. If you rush yourself, you will become.. A person you do not know. It is okay to be the tortoise because he knew who he was in the end of the race.

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince  

There is no such thing as wasting time, when you are investing that time into growing yourself. Take the time to grow. You need that time.

You want a relationship to be strong, you invest that time into it. You want a strong mindset, take the time to grow as a person. You want ever-lasting results, TAKE YOUR TIME.

I hope you all grow at your own pace, do not live up to others’ standards.


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