A Letter To The One That Made Me A Mother

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We all have dreams and ambitions for our children. We wish they can go off, get married, and have a life of their own. However, do we tell them why we love them so much? Do we thank them for making us a parent? I think as a mother, we get so worked up on our children and the chaos they bring, but we do not focus on why we cherish them. We love them and show our support, but do you truly cherish your child? Of course you do!

As my biological daughter’s third birthday is approaching, I want to take the time to write her a letter as to why I cherish her. This will be presented to her on her sixteenth birthday. This letter is to the one that made me a mother.

Want to write a letter as well? Click on my link below. I have created a fun printable for when you go to write your letter!

A Letter To My First Born


To my first daughter,

You are incredible. You make my world go round! I honestly cannot picture life without you. You give me such inspiration and purpose in my life.

You have given me responsibility. Before you, I was job to job. I did not care. I did not manage my money, I did not care what I was spending my money on. I did not care who I hung out with at the football games. I simply was irresponsible. You have given me the task of responsibility. I have a set budget, I know exactly where I spend my money, and I choose people wisely. I mend broken relationships, while removing toxicity.

You made me strong. You have made mama bear a real thing, and I will protect what is mine. You do not know how much I protect you. I will voice for you until you can voice for yourself. I will protect you until the end of time, knowing you are safe. No one will ever walk all over you, because I am behind you. I support you. I do not take anyone’s (bullcrap if you will) and I stand tall.

You made me cherish the little things. I did not realize that I would have a huge excitement for when you first pooped in the little toilet, or when you said your first word. I did not realize that I would be so ecstatic when you could sing a song without interruption, or simply just getting a kiss from you. Trust me, you will miss those kisses! I say you will miss those kisses, but in all reality, I will miss them more than you know. I already miss your snuggles and you are only three.

You made me have a purpose. You give me the drive I need to accomplish anything I put in front of me. I may feel defeated at times, but when I look at you, I know I have won it all. You can be a pain-in-the-butt at times, but you are my purpose in life. My purpose is to raise such a strong, independent girl who occasionally visits to do laundry.. I hope to sit and chat as well (sighing as I type this.. It will be a sad day when you leave the nest).

You made me a forever mother. You will forever hold a spot in my heart. You were my first. You will always be my first. I can remember the day that I held you for the first time. It was quiet and I just stared at you.. In awe. Awe over how beautiful you were, and you had become… my mini me. You are a spitting image of your mommy and I am forever grateful for you. You have given me life all over again, and I cannot wait to see you grow more and more each day.

Love, Your mommy


As I am writing this, I am in tears of course. I do not want to even think about when she leaves the nest. She has been my sidekick since day one and it will be a rough day. Although it may be rough for momma, I know it will be rough for her. I cannot wait to see what life has in store for my daughter. My first born. The one who made me a… mother.

I hope you all see inspiration from this post today, as you go to write a letter for your first born. Take the time to show them the genuine, grateful love you have for them. Store it away until you are ready to give it to them. They will love it for a lifetime, as you do your babies!


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