Unapologetically, You

Unapologetically, You.png

The new trend for 2019 is to pick one, descriptive word that you follow for the year. Whether it be a goal you want to complete, a characteristic you want to develop, or a habit you want to kick. I have seen numerous words such as: strong, focused, loyal, and the list goes on! But with all trends comes a point of where it just.. Poof. It stops. With this trend, I feel as though it will stick around for some time. I feel like us boss babes will stick to it, using it for the good.

So does this spark a curiosity in you as to what my word is? I hope for what I am writing today will help you find YOUR word for the year, and hopefully you can set it in place to use on a daily basis.

My word is: Unapologetic.

Woah, is that self-conceited? Absolutely not, and here is why.  

  1. I do not apologize for being the best me.
  2. I do not apologize for being the best stepmother that I can be.
  3. I do not apologize for being the best mother that I can be.
  4. I do not apologize that I do not bow down to your petty ways.
  5. I do not apologize for having a voice.

This sounds better, right? I was thinking the same thing. As I wrote up my plans for this blog, I was deciding whether or not this would be crossing the “self-conceited” line or not. Going further into my writing, I think it is not crossing any type of line. If anything, I am setting more stern morals and beliefs, so that I may become the strong person that I need to be.

No one should have to apologize for things they think, believe in, or stand up for. Apologizing for YOUR beliefs show a sign of weakness, and letting others know that they are in control of your opinions.

If you want to rock the new outfit that you feel confident in, you rock it girl.

If you want to go on a week long vacation because you bust your ass off, you vaca away girl.

If you received a promotion and want to flaunt it off on Facebook, you go for it girl.

We all feel confident when we are happy with ourselves. Why not flaunt it? Do not let anyone else dull your sparkle. You shine on, unapologetically.

As far as being a mother or a stepmother, never apologize for being the best you can be. Never apologize for the way you are raising a strong family. If someone does not like the way you parent, they can shut it because it is your family (unless you are causing harm onto the children).

You have a momma’s boy, good for you momma.

You enrolled your daughter into a private school, yay momma.

You decide to homeschool your children, good luck to you momma.

We all, as a mother, have something to be proud of and we have every right to be happy, unapologetically.

I want you all to know that you have a voice. You have the right! So you do not need to apologize for said things. This week, I challenge you to make a list of things that you do not need to apologize for. You are a fierce woman, and do not let others tell you that you have to be apologetic for being YOU.

Hang in there, momma.  


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