Christmas Scrooges



This is the second insert of my Christmas Blog Series. I hope you enjoy. 

Why is it that everyone (most people) get so holly-jolly in the Christmas season? You may have your few Scrooges in the bunch, but overall, everyone is more happy than normal. Is it the colors of the lights, the snow, the holiday food, the gifts? What ever it may be, why are we not like this year round?

People say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But have we truly gone into the minds of the “Scrooges” to see why they are hum-bug? Whether it is because of a loss in the family, does not have family to celebrate with, or just because Christmas may bring terrible memories; do not judge the “Scrooges”.

My father has a man in his life, that is almost like another father. We invite him to every holiday dinner, hoping he would come. He has always been an introvert anyways, but after his recent loss of his significant other, he has become worse. He is a friend of the family, and we try to involve him with what we can. He does not come. But he states he is getting lonely. So why does he not come? Unfortunately I cannot read his mind, but it may be due to missing her during the holidays.

Soldiers across seas are another victim of the “Scrooge”. They may be fighting the front line, or waiting back at camp for the next call. But they are still missing out on Christmas with their loved ones. Some get the luxury to call home via Skype or Facetime, but a majority just get a hand written note from home. A great way to keep the soldiers’ spirits alive during the holiday season is to mail a Christmas card to them. I have done this,and it is awesome. You can write a brief description of your family and your holiday traditions, include a family photo, or write some scripture to keep them uplifted. You can find more information on where to mail the cards at your local armory or online.

My family has recently lost two loved ones. One being my aunt who passed away from multiple issues. My cousin who was a bit younger than I, passed away from an unforseen moment. Each holiday presently, my family still does morn their loses. Family and friends pass, but the memories last forever. A memorable idea to keep the thoughts through the holiday is to make an ornament with their photograph. Simply make a copy of their photograph. Take a mason jar lid and trace a circle around the part of the photograph that you want to be visible. Cut the circle out. Then take the photo and put glue around the circle’s edge, insert the photograph into the lid, with the photo facing forward. You then can take some decorative ribbon around the rim of the lid and make a loop, to hang on the tree. This is a simple, but thoughtful idea for your passed loved ones.

So when we are entering the Christmas season, please remember the people around you and do not judge them for being down during this time. Uplift them, encourage them, and tell them you are here for them. Acknowledge their pain and show some love.

I hope you all have a great Christmas. Keep an eye out for my third part to my Christmas Blog Series.


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