Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas. The part of the year where we spend way too much money, sing songs we quiet dont know the words to, and become stumped on gift ideas! For years I thought i had no idea on what to buy for a loved one, but it is even worse with children! We have five children total, with four being my step children. It is also hard going from one biological child, to now buying for five children total. Here is a brief breakdown on what each child likes.


Step Son 11: Reading, history, and board games

Step Daughter 8: LOL Dolls, beauty accessories, and leggings

Step Son 5: Action figures, dress up, and trucks

Biological Daughter: Peppa Pig, any toy commercial on television, and Shopkins.

Step Daughter 2: Peppa pig, trucks,and balls


This list seems easy, right? Was I wrong! For example, SD8 likes LOL Dolls but has too many. SS11 loves board games, but which one does he NOT have? My daughter loves Shopkins, but her tub is drowning with them.. Hm so what do we do? I always told myself to do the “5 Method”. This method consists of:

  1. One thing to read.
  2. One thing to wear.
  3. One thing to eat.
  4. One thing that is a surprise.
  5. One thing they need.

This is definitely going to be my rule-of-thumb next year, I promise. This year, I went a little too toy-happy. I tried to think outside of the box on what I wanted to get the children, but also stay on a good budget. My fiance and I sat down and made a budget. We decided to do about $100 each, knowing his grandmother sends money to assist with all of the children. This was a good budget. We stuck to the budget pretty well, but I went a little over because I could not pass up certain items.

We try to make Christmas fair across the board, but there are some factors that came into play. The older the child gets, the more expensive their wants are. My daughter and SD2 (from another biological mother than the older three) do not have as much family as the older three do, therefore a spent just a wee-bit-more on the two. So here is what I bought the children. This is discluding what my fiance bought for the children with some of his money and his grandmother’s money.

Step Son 11: A few board games, Cheat books for FortNite, and some action figures.

Step Daughter 8: A coloring purse, doll accessories (since daddy bought a doll), and hatchimals.

Step Son 5: A few action figures, a truck that blares MP3 music, and younger kid games.

Biological Daughter: More Shopkins, doll accessories, and kitchen play accessories.

Step Daughter: Peppa Pig Stuffed Pig sleeper, princess carriage and horse, and a doll/stroller.

We do have a few smaller gifts to go with this, but this a majority of the things. Keep in mind, my parents always help out and buy them a gift or two each. We also do have stockings, however, we limit each stocking from $10.00 to $15.00 due to a majority of the money going to gifts. We do one gift being from Santa, to keep the magic alive for the younger children (even though SS11 might not believe in him).

For each other, my fiance and I limited ourselves to $200.00 each. Honestly, this year we both fell under that limit (which is a GREAT thing). I would list off what I got for him, but he reads my blogs and I dont want it ruined for him.

So the moral of the story is to stick to your budget! I learned this the hard way. I just love seeing the face the child makes when opening a gift, but you do have to be aware of ungratefulness when Christmas shopping. Some children just rip open a gift and throw it to the side. We have told the kids numerous times already that if they do not show appreciation for the gift, we will return it. Lets see if this method will work *fingers crossed*. My fiance told me one year his oldest child was a total butt on Christmas and kicked and screamed because he did not want his gift his dad got him (even though it is what he asked for, for a good month). So my fiance took him and the gift to the store, and returned the gift. He did not get the present that you. He has since learned, and he seems to show the most appreciation out of the four children. My daughter will thank you for days all from giving her a banana. Seriously. Merry Christmas, yall.

Be on the lookout for three additional blogs in the Christmas Blog Series.


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