Ten Little Toes

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I gave my daughter her usual bath, got her dressed, then went back into the bathroom to clean up. I see her tiny feet impressions in the towel. Ten tiny toes. Those tiny toes give me hope. They give me a reason to be here!

Do you ever wonder what life would be like without a child? A clean living room, peaceful bathroom breaks, and time eat dinner. Sounds amazing, right? But as a mother? I would give all of that up to have those ten tiny toes. When I became pregnant, I was twenty-years-old. I wasent in school, I was just working full time and over time as much as I could. At the time, I was with her dad and we became really rocky then. To escape all of the issues, I just kept occupied. Until I was pregnant. I then cherished sleep. Girl, my iron was low, I just slept and slept.

I knew motherhood was going to be hard, but I did not expect it to be sleepless nights, messes everywhere, and tantrums all because they want to drive (real story). My three year old flipped because she could not drive the car.. Any who, now that I am a mom, I cherish everything. I cherish extra cheerios being stuffed under her rug, stuffed toys being crammed into her play fridge, and dried slobber covering the computer screen. The life of a toddler may be great for them, but it’s an endless battle for us moms. Haha.

God has a purpose for us, and that is to raise our little beings the BEST that we can. Whether that means there hair still smells like dinner from the night before, or their shoes are on the wrong feet. You are trying, momma. When I was a single mother (two years) it was extremely hard to balance motherhood and work. I sometimes got so consumed into my work, I did not get to cherish the little things my daughter would do.

So, while your kiddos are playing tonight, sit down your phone and enjoy the noise. Enjoy the toys being strung out all over the floor. You will not get that back! It scares me how fast my baby girl is growing, but it is amazing to see her blossom into this beautiful flower that she is.


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