Why “Project: Momhood”?


We all go through things whether they are little pot-holes in the road, or giant mountains that we have to climb. It is up to YOU on how you get past said things. This blog will take you through MY journey on how I got to be Momma Bear to one, beautiful daughter and StepMomma Bear to four, amazing children.

When I was twenty years old, I had met my daughter’s dad, Christopher. We had dated for some time, when we had found out I was pregnant. I then had my daughter in 2016, and shortly became a single mother. I raised her by myself for over two years. Her father has not been in the picture since she was three months old. He has stated numerous times that he would like to sign his rights away. In Illinois, a father cannot sign his rights away until another figure is willing to adopt the child. With that being said, we cannot start the adoption process until a marriage is in effect.

I met my fiance, Codie, in the fall of 2017. He stated he had four kids from previous marriages. That statement was hard to sink in, but I accepted it. He was so afraid they would be a burden to me, but he soon realized they are a blessing to me. We dated for a few months until I was able to meet the children. At the time, the children were ten, seven, four, and eighteen months old. The children and I grew an amazingly quick bond. The most incredible bond to see is theirs with my daughter.

Currently, my daughter is three years old and his are eleven, eight, five, and two. The children are here regularly and we keep growing stronger. However, there are multiple obstacles along the way. Being a stepmom, let alone a mom, is a challenge, but oh so worth it.

Please join me in the journey of motherhood from the tears to the smiles. I would like to conclude with a quote that is so moving:

“Anyone can be a mother. It takes a fearless WARRIOR to be a stepmom”.         -Unknown

The quote represents so much. Step moms get the “bad wrap”, but we do just as much as the bio-moms do (we just take more shit from others).  We are not in this alone, we will make a name for ourselves. I want to unite with other moms/stepmoms to know we are all in this together (instantly, sang High School Musical). Get your seat belts on, we are in for a bumpy ride called: momhood.


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